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A varied and quality offer

The Producteurs Oise – Pays de France network brings together 25 producers in the region.
During your stay, they invite you to visit them on their farms or at the local markets.

For several years, the Parc naturel régional Oise – Pays de France has been working with farmers – including market gardeners, arborists, breeders, beekeepers, etc. – who sell their local produce directly.

They offer a large range of produce: vegetables, fruit, honey, farm produce, dairy produce and processed products. All can be discovered at the markets, on the farms, in shops, delivered in boxes or pick-your-own.

The ‘Producers Oise – Pays de France’ label will help you to recognise them.

At the markets

To assist you in shopping, markets are organised every week in the various communes of the Parc naturel régional Oise–Pays de France. You can be assured that the produce is local (label of origin, seasonal fruits and vegetables, Producteurs Oise – Pays de France logo, etc.) because at the same markets, local producers set up stall next to market gardeners selling produce from all over France and even around the world.

Market days

  • Asnières-sur-Oise: Sunday morning
  • Boran-sur-Oise: last Saturday morning of the month
  • Coye-la-Forêt: Wednesday and Saturday mornings
  • Chantilly: Wednesday and Saturday mornings
  • Creil: Wednesday and Saturday mornings
  • Creil, Ecocitoyen market: first Thursday of the month (5.30–8 pm)
  • Ermenonville: second Sunday morning of the month
  • Gouvieux: Sunday morning
  • Lamorlaye: Saturday morning
  • Luzarches: Friday morning
  • Pont-Sainte-Maxence: Tuesday and Friday mornings
  • Précy-sur-Oise: first Sunday morning of the month
  • Senlis: Tuesday and Friday mornings
  • Thiers-sur-Thève: Thursday evening 4–7.30/8 pm
  • Viarmes: Wednesday and Saturday mornings

Practical information

A leaflet presenting the Producteurs Oise – Pays de France is available for download. > Download it here
An interactive map of the Parc enables you to locate them by speciality (market garden or orchard produce, soft fruits, bee products, livestock produce, dairy produce) and to get to know them better.

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