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Lying just north of Paris (30 km north of Paris and 10 km from Roissy) this area functions as a green lung and has retained its predominantly rural aspect with extensive forests and farmland.
Humans have lived here since Neolithic times and so it has an outstanding historical and cultural heritage. There are châteaux, parks and gardens, museums, religious buildings, and troglodytic houses, as well as hiking circuits, leisure facilities and local culinary specialities – you will find everything you need here for a custom-made holiday.

Landscapes with multiple atmospheres

Here 70 villages are home to 131,000 inhabitants in the 71,000 hectares of the territory.

The forests lying at the heart of this area covers 25,000 hectares and is sure to delight you:
– sandy heaths and pine forests around Ermenonville;
– forests of majestic beeches making up the forest of Halatte around Fleurines;
– oak forests forming the forest of Chantilly with avenues laid out for the horse-riders in royal hunts.

The forest of Chantilly, forest of princes

The forest of Halatte, big woods

The forest of Ermenonville, an atmosphere of moors

The forest of Carnelle, a forest rich in discoveries

The plains and the rivers

To take the wider view, why not lose yourself in contemplation of the plaine du Valois (Valois plain) and the plaine de France (Greater Paris plain) stretching out into the distance with Paris on the horizon. These large farmland plateaux surround the four forests.

The river network in the area is also full of surprises, with unspoilt villages in the valleys of the Nonette and the Thève, glimpses into the life of the river Oise and its traffic, and the gentle landscape of ponds and marshes with a wide variety of fauna.

Outstanding ecological habitats

Across much of the area the poor soil and hilly terrain have made it difficult to farm the land, and this has resulted in the many forestry activity in the area. The natural wealth of the area also resides in the great range of natural habitats here (chalky grassland,
marshes, wetlands, etc.). Many rare animals and plants are to be found.

You just have to open you eyes, ears and nostrils

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