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Friends hikers and visitors, nature is fragile: help us to protect it!

The Explorer’s Charter
• I am careful about where I park my car. I use the car parks indicated. I avoid driving further than necessary and respect speed limits.
• When out walking, I follow signposted paths.
• I respect private property.
• I am careful not to leave any trace of my presence and take all my litter with me.
• I don’t pick any plants, some of which are protected.
• If I have an animal with me I keep it on a lead so as not to disturb wild animals and other visitors.
• I am tolerant and polite with all those I meet.
• During the hunting season from October to March, in the hunting areas I respect the signs and instructions given by the hunters. There is no hunting in the State-owned forests on Sundays.
• I go prepared for the weather, and take maps, binoculars, … with me and set off to explore.
• I do not light any fire as there is a very real fire hazard.
• I am careful when I am near horse training grounds and stand well back and let them pass.
• I am particularly careful and understanding when forestry work is being carried out, which is necessary for forest management.

Notice to walkers

Hunting is practised in the forests and agricultural areas of the Park. Before setting out on your walk, find out about the hunting days and sectors from the town halls or on the ONF website (in season):

hunting days in Oise

hunting days in Val d’Oise

And take careful note of the information given by the signs posted on site.

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